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Who's Supporting Ashley Bartley

Let's Grow Kids Action Network!

Montpelier continues to deny there is an affordability crisis. In a year with a budget surplus, they still raised taxes. A vote for Carolyn Branagan and I is a vote for a more affordable Vermont, not just another automatic vote for the supermajority. I am proud to be endorsed by Let's Grow Kids Action Network!

Politically Active Contractors of Vermont

It is an honor to have the support of the Political Active Contractors of Vermont. Having the support of hardworking Vermonters, many of whom run their own small business and employ Vermonters, means the world to me. As an Human Resource and Operations Director, I understand the importance of balancing the needs of the employee and the employer. Your vote for my candidacy means a vote for working families.

Governor Phil Scott

I've fought hard to make Vermont more affordable. I could use some help in Montpelier from Legislators who share this vision. That's why I'm asking you to join me in supporting Ashley Bartley and Carolyn Branagan from the Vermont House of Representatives. Together, I believe we can help make Vermont an even better place to live, work, and raise a family. And I look forward to working with Ashley and Carolyn, so they can work for you.

Governor Jim Douglas

Montpelier needs fresh new voices. Ashley is a young professional and mother who understands the needs of our Vermont families. She will ensure that the voices of rural Vermonters and families are heard. Please join me in supporting Ashley Bartley and give her your vote this election cycle!

Lt. Governor Brian Dubie

I’m proud to share my support for Ashley Bartley. Ashley’s experience as an HR professional and extensive community involvement shows her dedication to Vermont’s working families. Her ties to Vermont agriculture have her poised to hit the ground running to ensure our rural communities are represented. She’s a go-getter and a great listener. She will work hard to represent the people of Fairfax. She is a bridge-builder who will work across the aisle. Please join me in supporting Ashley Bartley for the Vermont House of Representatives.

Don Turner, former Republican House Leader and Lt. Governor Candidate

Ashley Bartley is an honest, hardworking, and dedicated individual. Her dedication to her family and community will provide Georgia and Fairfax families a true voice in Montpelier. Additionally, as a Human Resource Director, she knows first hand the struggles employees and employers face. I can’t think of a stronger voice to support working families. Please join me in supporting Ashley Bartley for the Vermont House of Representatives.

Senator Corey Parent (Franklin County)

Franklin County has a reputation of embracing young, new leadership in the legislature. Ashley Bartley is a mom - she goes to work everyday - she understands what the families of Fairfax and Georgia live everyday because she lives it too. She will be a welcome voice to the State House to make sure Fairfax and Georgia continue to have solid representation. She embraces the growth of our communities and will work hard everyday to keep the momentum going. Please join me in supporting Ashley for State Representative.

Representative Casey Toof (St. Albans)

I am very excited to see Ashley is running to represent the people of Fairfax and Georgia. As a working parent myself, it is great to see young working professionals give back to their community and Ashley brings a fresh voice with great experience to the conversation. I look forward to serving with her in the House.

Brian Savage, Former House Republican Assistant Leader

I recently heard that Asley Bartley of Fairfax is seeking the Republican nomination for the one of the seats in the Vermont House from Fairfax and Georgia. I have known Ashley for a number of years and always found her to be a hardworking and extremely bright individual. She has conservative core values that are so desperately needed in Montpelier. I fully endorse and support Ashley in her bid for a seat in the Vermont House and urge you to vote for her the upcoming elections.

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