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Rep. Carolyn Branagan Weekly Update

Below you'll find the weekly updated from Representative Carolyn Branagan. Going forward, we will be providing joint weekly updates on all the happenings in Montpelier.

Last week was a busy week in Montpelier. Legislators and the Speaker of the Vermont House were sworn in and committees assigned.

Thursday was inaugural day for Gov. Phil Scott. Other Vermont constitutional officers were sworn in too: the Treasurer, Auditor, Secretary of State and Attorney General, but most of the attention was on Gov. Scott.

In his inspiring inaugural address he mentioned goals he has had in mind for a while.

He encouraged the legislature to keep an eye on what is good and right for the people of Vermont and gave examples of needs in different communities. Some are doing better than others . The urban/rural difference is growing and , in the Governor’s mind, this needs to be evened out so there is equal opportunity throughout the state. He encouraged us to take actions that ‘close the gap’ and allow for equal opportunity among towns. He wants to see communities have more economic development tools ready, with all towns having the ability to change with assets available to help them do so.

He kept reminding us that one size rarely fits all.

Specifically mentioned were ……

  • that every community should have a healthy downtown with opportunity for growth, not held back by outdated rules,

  • that Vermonters should be able to keep more of what they earn (that means no new taxes! and I agree with this),

  • that safe, trusted childcare should be available in each community,

  • that there should be focus on strengthening efforts to improve our entire state, not just areas that are already successful,

  • that we should continue the work to provide decent housing for all, this problem still needs lots of attention,

  • that the best education we can afford should be available for our children, cradle to graduation,

  • that increasing our working age population will help, and we should bring them in from out of state if needed,

  • And best of all that we should transform Vermont from what it is to what it can be by using vision.

There was much applause which told me many of those present agreed with Gov. Scott, and I look forward to helping to make all this happen by taking steps towards all these goals.

It is possible. Let’s get started.

Rep. Carolyn Branagan

Franklin-1, Georgia/Fairfax

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