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Paid Family Leave Update

When I voted against H.66, an act related to Paid Family Leave, in committee, one of the reasons was the draft legislation includes a "placeholder" seed fund of $20 million. At the time, some estimates have the true cost around $100 million to implement. The bill also expanded the office of Treasurer Mike Pieciak and adds a significant administrative burden they are not prepared for. New estimates now show the program would "require $112 million in startup costs, including the hiring of up to 65 state employees, and cost $117 million to run annually." I continue to believe Paid Family Leave is something we should continue to explore, but it should be an option not a requirement. I support Governor Scott's effort to open the voluntary state employers program to the general public.

Estimated Costs of Paid Family Leave Soar, Leading to Rival Bill (SevenDays, March 15, 2023)

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