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Opening Day Devotional: March 30, 2023

There is a lot Governor Phil Scott and I agree on but today, Opening Day, we couldn't disagree more. I was honored to give the Devotional today in the Vermont House to share my love for the Yankees and the lessons we can learn from baseball.

Quoting the Yankee great, Yogi Berra, “Somebody’s gotta win, somebody’s gotta lose, just don’t fight about it. Just try to get better.” I think we can all agree some days are better than others. Whether you feel like you’ve lost or won, We, the Legislature, return day after day, because we know that the work we are doing is for a better future for VT. In order to do this we must strive to be better ourselves.

My husband has always been incredibly supportive in my decision to serve and in our first conversations he said “if you run, you need to leave it on the field.” You see, “Leaving it on the field” has become our family motto. As tee ball coaches for our son, we often tell his team “it doesn’t matter if you win or lose What matters is that you showed up, you had fun, and you gave it all you got.”

So, today like every other day, but especially on opening day, I implore you all to continue to show up, leave it on the field and give it all you got. Oh and route for the Yankees!

You can watch today's Devotional in the video below.

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