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Medicaid Covering Breast Pumps Legislation

Today, I submitted for introduction legislation that allows those on Medicaid to receive a breast pump at the start of their third trimester. Currently, Vermont is the only state in New England that interprets federal regulations differently, and allows the coverage of breast pumps only after the delivery of a child. As many of us know, there is often no predicting when a baby might choose to arrive and sometimes, as was the case with me, they come early. Delaying the ability to obtain a breast pump that is covered under insurance could hamper the ability of a mother to build adequate supply in the first few days and creates health inequality for families on Medicaid.

This bill has tri-partisan support and I look forward to meeting with the House Committee on Health in the coming weeks. I also want to thank Chelsea Clark, a constituent from Fairfax, for bringing this issue to me. Common sense legislation like this helps real Vermonters, especially young working families. I am honored to be able to carry the torch on this issue.

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