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Floor Statement on S.5 in the Vermont House of Representatives

Updated: May 2, 2023

Madame Speaker,

On average it takes nine hundred gallons of propane to heat a home, in our

great state of Vermont. This legislation will add at least $630 dollars to the

heating bills of Vermonters every year. Rebranding this bill as the

Affordable Heat Act is disingenuous. Our constituents, ALL Vermonters

deserve better, they deserve transparency. So, let’s call a spade a spade,

S.5 is a carbon tax. A tax that is both harmful and regressive, adding

according to Secretary Moore, 70 cents per gallon at a minimum to the cost

of home heating fuels and will likely be more in the future. We know that

the provisions of S.5 will have detrimental effects on our low-income and

rural Vermonters. For a majority of the State, these fuels are not only the

most affordable option but the ONLY viable option to heat homes in our

frigid winters.

Vermonters are already facing volatile markets, effecting unsustainable

increases in the prices of food, housing affordability and our most basic

human needs. I have heard from what feels like each and every one of my

constituents who feel hopeless as Montpelier throws more obstacles in

their path. They have pleaded with me to oppose this bill. Today, I will be

voting no on S.5 and I urge the body to listen to their constituents who we

all know you have heard from. Vote no and join me in refusing to penalize

desperate Vermonters crying for relief.

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